Boonie Sun Hat

* Solarweave treated cotton
* SPF 50+ solar protection
* Fashionable “Boonie” shape
* CoolMax lining moves moisture away from your body and drys quickly
* Wide 3 inch brim to shade your eyes.

This Boonie Mens sun hat is the perfect way to stay protected out in the sun. It provides higher than normal sun protection material combined with a wider brim to give you maximum protection from the sun. Inner moisture band will wick sweat and keep you cool. Really a great choice for keeping safe in the sun and staying stylish while you do so.

Having a hat with a wider brim naturally means more shade. However, you should also take into account the added benefit during the morning and afternoon hours when the sun is coming it at sharper angles. This is the real beauty of going with a wide brim sun hat.

Apparently, this hat uses “solar weave treated cotton” whatever that means. Whatever proprietary method is used to treat the cotton the end result is that you get an SPF 50+ material so you’ll be well protected from any light penetration.

There is an inner moisture wicking liner that will keep sweat from dripping into your eyes, keep you cooler and dryer, and generally make the hat more comfortable. This is an especially important feature to look for if you work outside at all as the sweat issue can get debilitating really fast.

Really if you like the look of this hat it has everything you could need in terms of features. The only real complaint you could make is that it isn’t waterproof but that shouldn’t be a big issue for a sun hat. Comes in many colors and sizes so finding a personal style and fit should be simple. Definitely a great men’s sun hat.