Outdoor Sombrero Hat

This is the Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero. I honestly think this is my favorite sun hat because it really has everything you could want and it’s still not very expensive. First, the interior is lined with wicking material to keep sweat out of your eyes and help keep you cool and dry while perspiring. This is a huge bonus to me as wearing a sun hat heats my head and causes me to sweat more and if I’m outside I’m probably working or doing something that requires focus and not wiping my forehead every minute. There is a nylon GORE-TEX shell that will repel water and is essentially a guarantee that you’ll be kept dry in heavy rain. In addition to this, the brim is specially designed to channel water away from you even in the heaviest downpours. Considering this is the “Seattle” Sombrero you can rest assured it’s designed to handle rain, downpours, rain, and even rain. It also has a simple hook and loop attachment system for raising and holding the brim up on the sides, removable chin strap for security during windy days or recreation, and it comes in a large variety of sizes and colors. This amount of customization is really superb and a major part of why I really like this hat. It fits in basically every situation depending on how you modify it. Anyway, the ability to remove the strap, hook up the sides, wick sweat, repel water, and protect from the sun makes this a hat that you should really include in your final considerations.